Multi-spectral LED grow lights are the best growlights currently available on the market. Not only do they emit the right spectrum of light that will support your plants in their growth - they use less power and do not get as hot as sodium bulbs or HID lights.

Traditional growing lamps have been found to convert a lot of their energy to heat, which is not beneficial to the plant, they also do not emit the range of colours that natural sunlight does. Plants don't need to catch some colours of the light spectrum to grow. For example, the plant pigment chlorophyll is the colour green as it catches red and blue light and reflects green light. Other plant pigments work on how much the plant should grow and whether it's environment is suitable for it.

LED grow lights are so effective as they provide gentle growing conditions with superb growing power. They are warm to the touch and will work for you for extended periods of time – LED type bulbs have been found to operate long life

The Benefits of Using LED Grow Lights

The benefits of using LED growlights are really quite something to consider: